An analysis of the issue of road rage in the united states of america

As such, it is the "aggressive behavior" component of road rage that makes the phenomenon particularly challenging to define and, thus, address.

Northrup writes, "Incoming information is distorted or misperceived in order to maintain the core sense of identity" p. In India, a popular skating instructor used his vehicle to repeatedly run over, crush, and kill another man with whom he argued over an incident on the road.

what causes road rage

This cause by some or Majority of people acts while they are driving not well and also cause for some personal reason like anger on family or family issue or being in hurry of going somewhere.

Arnold Nerenberg, a California-based psychologist who treats patients with difficulty controlling their anger on the road, defines road rage as, "When one driver lets another driver know that he or she is angry because of something the other driver did.

Fourth, it is a conflict phenomenon that has yet to secure a universally agreed upon definition.

penalties for road rage

Third, it involves a perceived threat of "invasion" into one's space, and thus, one's identity. Ask yourself these questions as well: Do you frequently use your phone while driving, or otherwise drive while distracted?

Abdul Rehman Hussain By Abdul Rehman Hussain Acknowledgements: I would like to thanks all the members of my group who helped each other in carrying out this project.

One day the group of our 5 friends going to take out a survey and we have to make this report shariq was driving a car but eventually he received a call from his father who is very angry on shariq because he forgets to give the medicine of his grandfather so the result caused he drove very fast without taking care of traffic and public rules in the meantime he take his car on wrong that is caused of traffic jam for 10 to 15 minutes.

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OJPCR The Phenomenon of Road Rage