A summary of wife of bath by geoffrey chaucer

Likewise, in Chaucer's time, a second marriage was considered suspect, so the Wife of Bath carefully reviews the words of God as revealed in scripture.

He is planning to marry soon and worries that his wife will control his body, as the Wife of Bath describes. As soon as the honeymoon was over, she was disturbed to find that Jankyn spent all his time reading, especially from a collection of books that disparaged women.

When she comes to, Jankyn apologizes for hitting her and promises to obey her will in their marriage from then on. She falls into the anti-feminist tradition she represents. She admits proudly to using her verbal and sexual power to bring her husbands to total submission.

But as he approaches, the group vanishes, and all he can see is an ugly old woman. The knight goes on the journey of finding the answer.

the wife of baths tale questions and answers

The knight departs on his quest to find the answer to this question, but despite questioning women all over the land and receiving numerous answers, he cannot find two women who agree on what women most desire.

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The Canterbury Tales The Wife of Bath’s Tale Summary and Analysis