A biography of ferdinand magellan the first person to circumnavigate the world

He quelled the uprising, killing one captain and leaving another behind.

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With those disastrous events behind them, the fleet left Port San Julian five months later when fierce seasonal storms abated. He intended to keep the body as a war trophy.

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Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page. Magellan became involved in an argument between local tribes. What is Ferdinand Magellan best known for? Magellan sent a raiding party ashore to retaliate, killing several Chammoro men, burning their houses, and recovering the stolen goods. Accordingly, early in December they sailed on a voyage of reconnaissance, and after reaching Banda they returned with spice in He and around 40 of his men were killed in a battle. The better documented honourees seem to be the few remaining crew of the Victoria and its captain, Juan Sebastian Elcano.

He was a magnificent practical seaman, who understood navigation better than all his pilots. Unfortunately, Magellan would not see the end of his historic journey.

So he did cover the entire terrain, but it was not a strict point A to point A, round-the-world trip, and it was made in two different directions.

The remaining ships sailed across the Pacific Ocean. Most of the crewmembers were saved, and the fleet spent a winter of harrowing storms in Port San Julian.

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Sailing through it was treacherous: dangerous to navigate, freezing cold and foggy. During the resulting battle against Lapu-Lapu's troops, Magellan was struck by a bamboo spear, and later surrounded and finished off with other weapons. Clove was the most valuable spice in Europe during Magellan's day. The best proof of his genius is that he circumnavigated the world, none having preceded him. He wrote detailed journals throughout the voyage recording all that happened. They found a sheltered natural harbor at the port of Saint Julian , and remained there for five months. After his injury, he was falsely accused of trading illegally with the Moors, and despite all of his service to Portugal, and his many pleas to the king, any further offers of employment were withheld him.

Magellan barely managed to quell the mutiny, despite at one point losing control of three of his five ships to the mutineers.

Under questioning by Valladolid's mayor, the men claimed that Magellan refused to follow the king's orders and gave this as the cause for the mutiny at Saint Julianand that he unfairly favoured his relatives among the crew, and disfavoured the Spanish captains. Over the next seven years, Magellan participated in several expeditions in India and Africa and was wounded in several battles.

Magellan was determined to be the first to do so.

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To everyone's amazement, the crossing was to take three months and 20 days. In he joined the enormous ship, 15,soldier force sent by King Manuel to Morocco to challenge the Moroccan governor who refused to pay its yearly tribute to the Portuguese empire. Recognizing the captain, so many turned upon him that they knocked his helmet off his head twice Thanks for watching! The Spanish crew soon became involved in a war between Humabon and another rival leader and Magellan was killed in battle on April 27, Thanks for watching! He became wrapped up in a local war and was ultimately killed in battle on April 27, Magellan: From Portugal to Spain In the 15th century, spices were at the epicenter of the world economy, much like oil is today. He enjoyed sailing and exploring and sailed for Portugal for many years. Magellan was born in Portugal and was a successful explorer and navigator. Hoping that this would yield a commercially useful trade route for Spain, Charles approved the expedition, and provided most of the funding. We immediately weighed anchor and discharging many mortars into the houses, drew in nearer to the shore. No: he was killed in a fight with islanders in the Philippines. The accusations were proven false, but he received no further offers of employment after 15 May After several weeks in the Philippines, Magellan had converted as many as 2, locals to Christianity, including Rajah Humabon of Cebu and most leaders of the islands around Cebu.

The accusations were proven false, but he received no further offers of employment after 15 May After returning to his home of Venice, Pigafetta published his diary as Relazione del primo viaggio intorno al mondo around Though not invited to testify with Elcano, Pigafetta made his own way to Valladolid and presented Charles with a hand-written copy of his notes from the journey.

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